Yoga For Improved Hip Function and Pain Reduction
Nov 8, 2019

Yoga For Improved Hip Function and Pain Reduction | AICA AtlantaWith the hips being the largest ball-and-socket joint and providing the body with the ability to move, it is no wonder that many people endure some type of hip pain in their life.

Due to a great deal of movement the hips allow, wear and tear can cause a great deal of pain but you shouldn’t take that pain sitting down. Believe it or not, surgery may not be the only option for managing hip pain as yoga has been shown to relieve pain and increase function.

How Can Yoga Help?

With yoga, strengthening and stretching of the hips can be a vital resource in relieving hip pain. Joint stabilization and support is also an added benefit of this low-impact exercise and is easy for most people to try out.

Poses for Success

Are you ready to take a stab at this low-impact workout? Start with comfortable clothing as well as finding a soft surface if a yoga mat is not available. Our Atlanta chiropractors have compiled yoga poses that may aid in reducing pain in the hips as well as increasing functionality.

The Pigeon Pose

With this pose, you begin by starting on your hands and knees, ensuring your body weight is equally distributed. Next, bring your right knee up so the outside of your knee is laying flat on the ground with your foot facing your left hand. Then, extend your left leg behind you, creating a nice stretch for your hips. Keep your torso upright and pull the navel in.

In the beginning days of yoga training, only bend your knee as far as you feel comfortable but remember that the farther forward you can take your right knee, the deeper the stretch will be.

The Bound Angle Pose

This pose will take you back to your gym class days as the beginning pose looks much like the butterfly. First, begin by sitting on the floor, bringing your feet together and dropping your knees. Place your hands on your ankles to give you better stabilization and pull your navel to the floor without arching your back.

It doesn’t matter how far you can hinge forward, simply do so until you feel the stretch in your hips. Hopefully, you’ll be able to bend farther forward the more you do it! If you find that your hips are tight, this pose will provide great relief for you.

Head-to-Knee Pose

With this pose, you will open the hips and get a good stretch. Begin by extending your legs out in front of you and then bring your left foot towards your right inner thigh. Make sure your torso is in line with your legs and then lean forward with your hips over your right leg. Place your hand on your ankles or as close to them as possible, and breathe.

The goal of this exercise is for your head to reach your knees, but don’t go overboard and push yourself too hard too fast as this could result in injury. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and then switch to the other side. This will also stretch the hamstrings, which may be compromised if you’ve been sitting for a long time.

Happy Baby Pose

Begin by laying on your back, then bend the knees bringing them to your chest. Grab the outer edge of the feet or toes if need be and keep the spine and hips on the ground. Always remember to breathe, and hold the pose for 30 seconds. This pose will stretch the hips as well as the hamstrings. This pose is best to do last as it allows for the best stretch as well as a rest to the hips.

Let AICA Atlanta Help

With the use of these yoga poses as well as a visit with our Atlanta chiropractors, your hips can begin to get the proper stretch it needs all while reducing pain and increasing flexibility. If you would like to learn more about how our chiropractors can help in alleviating pain as well and receiving further education on how yoga, contact our team today at (404) 889-8828.