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Allow Yourself To Decompress To Maximize Personal Health
Feb 22, 2019

Today’s society is centered on the newest and most efficient technology that is designed to make our busy lives easier, but yet it seems this technology is only creating more work for us. How can we have all these tools that optimize our productivity and organize our lives and still never seem to have enough time to take a deep breath without sheer panic that we have forgotten to do something?

The recurring problem we are finding ourselves in is that those extra moments we are gaining, we are using that time to add more to our plate because we are under this notion that we cannot remain stagnate.

No Rest for the Wicked

After what was probably a hectic day, you find yourself stumbling in the door, kicking your shoes off and scanning the house making yet another to do list in your head and off in the corner is that soft plush couch that you only dream of crashing on- but why only dream? Our Atlanta chiropractors know how hard you work and want you to know it’s OK to stop and allow yourself that time for self-care.

Our society is enabled to think that slowing down implies laziness, and we should just work through and push our sleep deprived bodies. In comparison to other countries such as France, the United Kingdom and Italy we work far more hours and have fewer vacation days compared to countries such as Italy, France and Germany.

AICA Atlanta is here to inform you that self-care and relaxation are important and lazy days are sometimes the best medicine. So yes, after that long day grab that blanket and amazing throw pillow and put your feet up and enjoy the view. Why is this so important and how can I pull this off? Don’t worry, we’re here for you!

Why Decompress?

If you don’t believe us we will share with you just some of the amazing benefits slowing down has to offer.

  • Research has shown that relaxation can:
  • Develop a stronger immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower the heart rate
  • Reduce muscle tension and chronic pain
  • Improve memory function
  • Lower stroke risk

The Million Dollar Question- How?

After seeing all the benefits to slowing down to give yourself time to unwind, we are here to tell you how. It can be hard but by adjusting your mindset to understand that relaxation should be allowed to be number one on your to-do list from time to time will only make you that more successful.

  • Embrace the calm. Don’t think of quiet time or that down time as time you could be doing other things. Use this time to focus on yourself as a person, not your job title or your role in your family-just you. You cannot pour from an empty glass so make sure you utilize this time to recharge yourself.
  • Applaud yourself. Among all the things still left to do, there are many things in which you have successfully completed so take this time to applaud yourself for all you have done. For the rest, take a breath and learn how to put things aside. That coat will be ok for one night if it doesn’t make it to the coat rack.
  • Freedom from planning-almost. Make one plan. Plan nothing. Allow yourself to live on the edge a bit and not plan your entire day. Go for a walk, gaze at the stars, enjoy the view from your couch, or just simply take a nap- on your own time.

Our Atlanta chiropractors want to help you succeed at being the best you that you can be. Please call us today at (404) 889-8828 and take that first step into becoming your best self.