The Benefits of Stress
Aug 5, 2019

The Benefits of Stress | AICA AtlantaSome forms of stress can be good for your body as the body was designed to develop responses to help with survival. So, even though you may be under a little stress, just know your body is adapting and learning to handle what is going on outside the body and helping to create a stronger internal system. Believe it or not, there is more than just one benefit to having a little stress in your life.

Fight or Flight

When you enter a stressful situation, the body either goes into a fight or flight mode. Stress can cause the body to become anxious which causes the hands to sweat and even the heartbeat to beat faster.

When the body feels a threat coming it can either prepare to fight the stress or run from it. In modern day society these stressful situations could involve work, traffic, family or even illnesses.

The Benefits of Stress

An overabundance of stress can be overwhelming, however small stressors can have some positive effects on your life. If you are someone who works best best under pressure, that type of stress can help keep you motivated and reach your goals.

When the body is under stress, studies have also shown that the mind is sharper and successes are greater. Following a large project, or stressful event and coming out on the other side, completing the task or experience is gratifying and can leave you feeling elated.

When the brain is consistently occupied the brain cells are working harder and renewing themselves making it less likely for you to develop memory conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Having an active brain however comes with some levels of stress which ultimately allows for better brain function.

Changing The Way You Look At All Types of Stress

If you change the way that you address stress and accept that it is something that is a part of your daily life, the chances of developing chronic stressors will decrease. Everyone is going to have some type of stress whether it be struggles with balancing work life and parenthood or meeting deadlines on projects and proposals at work. Those who look at stress with more acceptance and less resistance will find themselves leading happier and successful lives.

So, the theory behind accepting stress for it can ultimately boost your energy and with that can help boost your morale and how you see the world as a whole. Not worrying about the small stuff and focusing your energy on the bigger picture can help you develop a more fulfilling life. Changing the way you look at stress and seeing it as a positive rather than a negative can have an enormous impact on your overall life and health.

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