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Atlanta Chiropractors Treat Depression
Mar 16, 2018

Millions of people throughout the United States suffer from various mental health issues including depression. The associated symptoms connected to depression vary from each individual, as well as the source or trigger. Individuals and families who are familiar with this condition understand how frustrating it can be to properly diagnose and treat the source of the issue as most traditional physicians provide a wide range of medications that often contain adverse side effects. Fortunately, chiropractic serves as a safe alternative to over-the-counter or prescription medications and is effective for treating the symptoms of depression.

Chiropractic Treatment For Depression

Our Atlanta Chiropractors serve as ideal resources for patients who have questions about depression, are trying to understand the source of their symptoms, or are interested in treatment. We can conduct a thorough examination to identify particular areas within your system that may be contributing to any mood fluctuations, feelings of exhaustion, or sudden changes in appetite. Using manual adjustments, we can stimulate blood flow to help relax or sooth particular areas of the body that are under duress and are contributing to your feelings of depression.

Misalignments In The Spine

For some patients, misalignments in their spine or within their body may be triggering their symptoms. If there are areas of the spine that have moved out of their natural positions, the surrounding nerves become exposed to significant pressure. Because the nervous system affects the entire body, blocked nerves that exist in the lower back area can negatively impact how you feel, perform, and function.

Once one of our chiropractors is able to locate the source of the issue, they can provide immediate relief with just a few adjustments. To provide long-term relief, we can also create a custom plan that includes ongoing treatment and incorporates other useful solutions like therapeutic massage.

Contact AICA Atlanta To Treat Depression

If you suffer from symptoms of depressions, you can contact AICA Atlanta to learn more about our approach to treatment and how we can help. Studies highlight how particular individuals react differently to various treatment solutions so connecting you with our multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists offers the greatest opportunity for achieving long-term relief.

AICA Atlanta offers free consultations for those who have never received chiropractic care and gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have prior to treatment. You can schedule an appointment with our office by contacting us online or by dialing (404) 889-8828.