Chiropractic Treatment For Asthma
Jun 1, 2018

Chiropractic Treatment For Asthma | AICA AtlantaThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1 in 13 people suffer from asthma. For children, asthma serves as the leading chronic disease and is the primary cause of school absences. Across the United States, more than 2 million people are forced to go to the emergency room to treat asthma attacks or other related symptoms.

Fortunately, chiropractic treatment is proven to help address the symptoms associated with asthma, as well as prevent future attacks from occurring.

Asthma Defined

The World Health Organization refers to asthma as a chronic disease that is recognized for its ability to produce repetitive episodes of aggressive wheezing and breathlessness. The extent and severity of each episode varies from each person as some patients experience random attacks, while others only exhibit symptoms in specific situations like after exercising.

Asthma Attacks

When an attack or episode occurs, the linings of the bronchial tubes becomes irritated and inflames. This causes the tubes to constrict, which leads to a reduction in airflow to the lungs. This is why patients with asthma wheeze and are unable to control their breathing.
Such limitations around airflow can cause other health concerns such as fatigue, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating.

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Patients With Asthma

Our Atlanta chiropractors can examine how well the entire body performs in relation to the integrity of the spine. If a particular patients with asthma visits us for treatment, we will review and adjust the thoracic spinal segments to improve airflow between the lungs and the bronchial tubes.

When the thoracic spine is not functioning correctly or is misaligned, it can prevent the lungs from expanding when breathing in. By adjusting the spine and restoring motion to the thoracic spine, the lungs are able to accept plenty of air.

If you suffer from asthma and are interested in treating your condition through natural solutions, contact our office today so that our team can examine your spine and help you avoid future attacks.

Just dial (404) 889-8828 to schedule a free consultation or to set an appointment.


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