Foods That Were Supposed To Be Healthy For You
Apr 5, 2019

Foods That Were Supposed To Be Healthy For You | AICA AtlantaUnfortunately, there are many foods that were always said to be good for you, but we have to break some bad news to you about them. However, we will share with you all the great foods you can substitute in for them!

Unhealthy Snacks

Trail Mix

Many packages of trail mix can be loaded with calories as they are packed with super salty nuts, candy-coated chocolate, deep fried bananas and even artificial ingredients! Now, not all are packed like this, so it is important to know the difference, but there is an alternative to ensure that you have a healthy snack on your hands- make your own!

Smart substitute: Make your own! Pack your trail mix with raw nuts, dried fruits and seeds!

Granola Bars

Skip the bars and stick to your homemade trail mix. Store bought granola bars are often packed with sugar and are just about candy bars dressed up in a healthier package.

Smart substitute: Look for the granola bars with minimal ingredients like oats, grains and fruits as well as low sugar counts but high in fiber.

Agave Nectar

Years ago, agave nectar was thought to be a great substitute for sugar but it turns out that isn’t the case. Nectar is high in fructose and is proven to actually be higher than high fructose corn syrup. This nectar negatively impacts your blood sugar because it ranks low on the glycemic index with low being poor.

Smart substitute: Pure, honey! Honey contains amino acids, electrolytes and even antioxidants!

Vitamin Drinks

Aside from sports drinks, vitamin drinks are thought to be a healthy option. How could they have the word vitamin in them- it has to be healthy! Wrong. These drinks contain an abundance of sugar, 32 grams in fact. According to the American Heart Association one should not consume more than 6.5 teaspoons or 26 grams of sugar, see the problem?

Smart substitute: Water! Aside from water try some sparkling waters or even a splash of 100% juice and don’t forget green tea!

Brown Rice

Many over the years have switched to brown rice as a healthy substitute to white rice, however studies have shown that may not be true. Brown rice is high in nutrients but also high in phytic acids which basically means you aren’t really getting the healthy nutrients you thought you were getting.

Smart substitute: Switch rice for quinoa or even cauliflower rice!

If you are looking for ways to implement healthier foods into your diet, reach out to our Atlanta chiropractors for more information on these healthy alternatives or to find out more! Call us today at (404) 889-8828.


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