Get Up and Exercise: How Office Employees Can Improve Personal Health
Mar 11, 2019

Alternatives To Sitting Down At Work | AICA AtlantaMany Americans spend most of their day at work sitting in a chair and this posture is having adverse effects on the body. Sitting for long periods of time can cause pain in your back and placing pressure on muscles and the discs in your back.

Alternatives To Sitting Down While Working In An Office

An office chair is a common staple that most sit in but if you want to more conscious about your back health, try these other alternatives:

Standing desk

When you stand you are working your core muscles in a more effective manner than sitting. Raising a desk that is functional at a standing position will increase your posture and spine strength. The desk should be at a level that allow your arms to be at a 90 degree angle while working on a computer and your neck should be in an upright position with no tilting. By placing a thick mat under your feet will allow for more comfort and less pain on your joints.

If standing seems like a daunting task for your entire work day, think about a converter for your desk which would allow you to work standing or sitting allowing your joints a break but also the ability to stand taking pressure of your ligaments.

Recliner with stand

Reclining may be a comfortable working style for some as sitting upright can become uncomfortable. Reclining may not seem like a good way to sit but by sitting in this position you are less likely to slump which causes pressure on your back. When reclining and working, incorporating a tray for the computer will lessen the strain on your neck and arms.

Exercise ball

If you are someone who likes to fidget around and have room to move this is the option for you. When using an exercise ball your body is constantly working and making adjustments forcing you to have proper posture. If an exercise ball is something you have never used before, think about placing a base under the ball to protect yourself from it rolling when you stand.

Ergonomic stool

This stool is similar to exercise ball but comes equipped with a high seat that allows you to place your feet on the floor and engage the core muscles and improve posture.

Our Atlanta chiropractors would be happy to discuss with you further the options listed as well as sharing with you other ideas that may help improve your posture while working. If one of these alternatives are not for you keep in mind that getting up often throughout your day can go along way in maintaining your posture and spine strength.

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