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Stay Healthy When Traveling This Winter Holiday Season
Dec 25, 2017

AAA believes that close to one-third of all citizens will travel more than 50 miles during the winter holiday season. This roughly equates to 90 million individuals and families. Whether you’re using a personal vehicle, traveling by train, or flying to your destination, try to keep the following advice in mind to keep you and your family healthy for the holidays.

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

  • Try not to put your bags down on public surfaces: The floors of a municipal building, especially at an airport, are often the most abundant source of germs and bacteria. Instead of placing your luggage on the ground, try to locate shelves or door hangers.
  • Wash your hands often: Although basic, washing your hands on a regular basis can be difficult when traveling long distances. A good idea to keep up with this is to pull over at a rest stop or gas station, especially if you use the facilities at such locations. Keeping your hands clean helps reduce the volume of harmful germs and bacteria that enter your system.
  • Carry plenty of water with you: If you’re traveling this winter holiday season by car or public transportation, try to carry plenty of water with you. Staying hydrated and drinking lots of fluids helps flush out harmful toxins and waste, while also giving a boost to your immune system.
  • Limit the amount of sugar you consume: Although this time of the year brings about more office and family parties that tend to contain sugary delights, it’s important to limit the number of sweets you consume. Sugar weakens your immune system’s ability to fight off harmful germs by 40 percent.
  • Do not consume alcohol: Too many people drink excessive amounts of alcohol during the winter holidays, and it’s often the go-to drink on planes. Although it may be tempting to consume a glass of wine on your long-distance flight, alcohol reduces your white blood cells ability to kill off harmful bacteria.
  • Avoid contact with other sick people: If you see someone coughing, sniffling, or blowing their noise, try to stay six to ten feet apart from them. Studies show that flu virus particles cannot travel more than six feet so keeping this distance can make the difference between enjoying the holidays or being stuck in bed sick.
  • Carry your pillow with you: If you’re using public transportation to visit family or loved ones, it’s a good idea to take your pillow with you. The pillows offered by airlines can carry millions of bacteria cells even if they are washed with detergent.
  • Keep your smartphone device clean at all times: Studies show that cell phones contain significant levels of bacteria and germs. In fact, your cell phone is likely more infested with germs than your toilet seat. You can keep your smartphone device clean using a damp, microfiber cloth.
  • Recieve a Chiropractic Adjustment: Adjustments help eliminate subluxations and barriers that prevent your body from functioning properly. They are also excellent for providing a much-needed boost to your immune system during the winter cold and flu months.

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