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What You Should Know About Muscle Relaxants
Jun 11, 2018

Many patients who seek traditional medicine for back or neck pain are connected to muscle relaxers for relief. Such medications are useful for easing painful muscle spasms or cramps on a temporary basis. If you recently experienced an accident injury or are suffering from chronic pain, consider the following information before reaching for an over-the-counter muscle relaxer.

What to Expect

For those who have never used a muscle relaxer to relieve pain, here’s a brief outline for how to correctly approach them:

  • Use separately: Your primary physician may offer you a prescription for pain medication and a muscle relaxant to help quell your symptoms. Do not take both medications at the same time. Take your pain medication first, following all instructions and reading the label prior to use. You’ll be more comfortable if you take the muscle relaxant about an hour later.

  • You will likely become tired: Although each type of muscle relaxant presents its own unique degree of drowsiness, you will most likely feel tired. Do not operate a vehicle after using one to avoid an accident.

  • Do not consume if pregnant: If you are planning to become pregnant, are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, make sure to avoid such drugs. Instead, consider contacting a local chiropractor for natural treatment solutions. Chiropractic is just as useful for treating pain as muscle relaxants but does not contain any adverse side effects.

  • Drowsiness isn’t the only side effect: There are other potential side effects associated with muscle relaxers that are far worse than drowsiness. Serious side effects to consider before using a muscle relaxer include:

    • Breathing issues
    • Nausea
    • Blurred vision
    • Confusion
    • Anxiety
    • Urinary disorders

Be Aware of The Dangers of Muscle Relaxants

Muscle relaxants have the ability to cause serious dependency issues and addiction so it’s important to not use them beyond the recommended length. Such medications cause the central nervous system to slow down. If too many are consumed at once, your breathing rates can drop significant and a fatal overdose can occur.

Consuming alcohol while taking muscle relaxers is also dangerous and should never be performed. Doing so can cause a series of health conditions that range from kidney failure to seizures.


Chiropractic Treatment Serves As A Natural Alternative To Muscle Relaxants

If you are in pain and want relief without compromising your health, contact our Atlanta chiropractors today for immediate support. Our team uses a variety of all-natural treatment solutions that are proven to be just as effective at relieving pain as muscle relaxants and do not contain any adverse side effects.

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