2018 New Year Health Tips
Jan 1, 2018

2018 New Year Health Tips | AICA AtlantaThe new year sees thousands of individuals and families throughout Atlanta committing to improving their health. However, it can be difficult to maintain such goals considering personal and professional obligations. The health and wellness experts at AICA Atlanta recommend taking the time to research ways that you can improve your health without overcommitting or losing your motivation. It’s also a good idea to create simple goals that can easily be integrated into your everyday routine.

New Year Health Tips

Our Atlanta Chiropractors are concerned with numerous areas related to each patient’s health and aren’t just experts at removing subluxations or treating chronic pain. To maximize personal wellness, we try to help patients incorporate basic activities into their daily habits that focus on diet and exercise. For example, drinking more water and making time for breakfast each morning are excellent, easy ways to improve digestion, stay hydrated, and remove toxins from the body.

Drink More Water Each Day

Drinking more water each day helps you stay hydrated and supports the body’s ability to function correctly. Water also helps prevent dry skin and flushes unhealthy toxins out of the body. We recommend drinking eight 8-ounce glasses or a half a gallon of water each day. To help you follow through with this, you may want to consider purchasing a specialty water bottle that contains measuring lines to help you easily consume eight cups of water at work or at home.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Too many people skip breakfast as a result of their hectic schedules. However, breakfast serves as an excellent opportunity to provide your body with key nutrients and vitamins that help fuel your body for the day. If your mornings are busy, there are plenty of ways you can consume breakfast while you head out to work. Consider purchasing breakfast drinks, making a fruit or vegetable smoothie, or taking nutritional bars with you.

Add More Vegetables To Your Diet

Vegetables provide significant¬†nutritional value and consuming more dark green veggies is a simple way to ensure your body receives the vitamins it needs to perform correctly. As long as you add at least one vegetable to each of your meals each day, it doesn’t matter which type you select. You are more likely to stay committed to this goal if you stick with the veggies you naturally enjoy.

Make 2018 The Best Year For Your Personal Health

With these basic recommendations, you are able to improve your health without having to make significant adjustments to your lifestyle. We wish you the best of luck and welcome you to contact our Atlanta chiropractic clinic if you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule an adjustment.


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