Chiropractic Care and Back Pain Relief: 5 Myths About Back Pain

Dec 8, 2016

Although the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta threat more than just chronic back pain, most of the patients we treat originally come in looking for relief from this particular condition.

Lower back pain affects over 31 million Americans at any given time and is the leading cause of disability throughout the world.

With medical experts predicting that approximately 80 percent of the population will suffer from some back pain during their lives, it’s important to understand how back pain is caused, as well as how it can be treated.

Back Pain Myths

Consider the following good-to-know facts about back pain and how it can affect your ability to follow through with everyday activities.

Myth 1: People who Are Physically Active Don’t Need To Worry About Back Pain

Staying physically active is highly recommended for preventing a wide range of conditions and diseases from developing.

However, it doesn’t necessary mean that you will never experience some back pain during your life. To complement your exercise routine, our Chiropractors recommend maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet, while also eliminating as many stressors as possible from your environment.

Myth 2: Back Pain Is A Natural Part of Growing Older

Just because you might be getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in pain. While aging does make you more vulnerable to certain illnesses that can lead to chronic back pain, there are particular actions you can take to maintain a healthy spine.

Receiving regular Chiropractic Adjustments from AICA Atlanta allows you to protect your spine from potential threats that could alter your normal way of life.

Myth 3: I Suffer From Chronic Back Pain, and This Is The Way It Will Always Be

Suffering from chronic pain does not have to be a lifetime sentence. There are some treatment solutions our Chiropractors use to treat chronic pain, while also addressing the cause to prevent further damage from taking place.

Unlike other types of medicine, Chiropractic only uses solutions that are non-invasive and do not contain harmful side effects.

Myth 4: I Don’t Feel Too Much Pain, So I’m Fine

Pain is not an indicator of how dangerous a particular injury is or could become. Pain can take up to a few months to develop following some traumatic experience.

If you notice any mild aches or pain that continues for more than a few weeks, make sure to schedule a consultation with our office right away.

Myth 5: Back Pain Is Only Treatable Through Surgery

Although most people will experience some back pain during their life, it does not mean that they will require surgery. If you are noticing any back pain, we can provide appropriate adjustments that offer immediate pain relief.


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