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Chiropractic Health Tips For Runners and Their Safety
Feb 26, 2018

Running is an excellent way to create and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Whether you’re new to running or a long-time enthusiast, it’s important to take proactive steps that protect your body from the impact and stress that comes with it. Before heading out for a brief jog or a long distance run, consider the following tips that help you exercise without exposing your knees or back to potential injuries.

Take Advantage of Modern Running Gear

Wearing appropriate sneakers is a must for those who are interested in running. Although it may be more cost effective to purchase new shoes online, it’s better to go to a local running store where someone can help you select shoes that align with your running style. A great pair of sneakers should allow you to easily run without experiencing any type of ankle, knee, or hip pain.

Ask A Doctor About Orthotics

Orthotics are not just for those who are injury prone or seniors. In fact, they provide additional cushion for your feet and help your body absorb the impact of running better. Before you begin running on a regular basis, consider meeting with a doctor to see which orthotics provide the most support and will give you the type of base you need for high impact exercise.

Allow Yourself To Start Slowly

If you’re not an avid runner currently, it’s important to start slowly and allow your body to adapt to the stress of running. Start out running three to five miles a week for four weeks before gradually adding more distance to your workout. If you feel like your body is wearing out too easily, try to reduce your pace while maintaining the same distance. It’s more important for your health to keep a steady heart rate over a long period of time than to overexert yourself. Running is supposed to be therapeutic and should be something to look forward to.

Do Not Run On Pavement or Concrete

Hard surfaces provide the greatest impact on your ankles, knees, hips, and back. Running on hard surfaces for too long can lead to a variety of injuries. It is highly recommended to search for grass, sand, or a race track instead of running on the road or sidewalk.

AICA Atlanta Can Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Running Routine

Our Atlanta Chiropractors can help you reach your running goals and protect your from potential injuries. Many of our patients are avid runners and receive regular adjustments to help keep their body’s flexible, loose, and free of subluxations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you reach your health or fitness goals – just dial (404) 889-8828 to schedule a free consultation.