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Common Chiropractic Myths Debunked

Mar 7, 2018

So you’re interested in visiting a Chiropractor and those around you are concerned for your welfare. Unfortunately, the healthcare system has not educated the public about the vast benefits associated with preventative treatment. Here are a few common myths connected to chiropractic and the education you need to understand the realities of our practice.

Chiropractic Myths Expelled

Most experienced chiropractors do not recommend cracking your back without the support and supervision of a doctor. An adjustment consists of a specific amount of pressure and force that’s used to remove subluxations from the spine. It is impossible to remove such subluxations correctly and safely without the support of a trained chiropractor.

Chiropractic treatment costs too much money

Close to 90percent of all insured Americans are covered for chiropractic treatment in their health policy. At AICA Atlanta, our chiropractors try to make superior health care available to everyone who needs it and our clinic works effortlessly to provide support.

Chiropractic treatment never ends

Each person requires a treatment plan that meets the characteristics of their condition. At AICA Atlanta, we segment each person’s path to wellness into three unique phases: therapeutic, corrective, and maintenance. We will always recommend continuing your sessions to prevent potential conditions and degenerative diseases from developing but the decision to maintain treatment is up to the individual. When you are evaluated by one of our chiropractors and the extent of your condition is discovered, a timeline for recovery will be presented to you.

Chiropractors aren’t actual medical doctors

Approximately 85 percent of all adults aren’t aware of the education that most chiropractors receive to obtain their license. Chiropractors complete close to 400 classroom hours more than MDs and are highly trained in anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation, and nutrition.

Chiropractic adjustments can cause pain or injury

This particular myth couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, chiropractic is completely safe and serves as an alternative to traditional forms of treatment because it does not contain adverse side effects, nor does it create any potential risks for dependency. Most patients experience immediate pain relief after one or two adjustments and are able to maintain such results longer than over-the-counter medications provide.

Chiropractic doesn’t treat most conditions

Chiropractic treatment isn’t just suitable for back pain, it’s also meaningful for treating misalignments, boosting immune performance, and stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Although chronic pain is one of the most common conditions we treat, our Atlanta Chiropractors also help patients manage symptoms connected to fibromyalgia, endometriosis, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer.

You can learn more about the value of chiropractic treatment or schedule an examination by contact our clinic any day of the week. Just dial (404) 889-8828 to speak with one of our staff members.


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