Digestive Disorders May Be Treatable With Chiropractic Care
Jul 19, 2019

Digestive Disorders May Be Treatable With Chiropractic Care | AICA AtlantaIt’s no secret that chronic digestive disorders take a huge toll on your life as they can affect your quality of life from participating in things you love or going out in fear of running into some digestive troubles. Although these conditions may be tough or uncomfortable to talk about, it’s important to know about and understand them.

By The Numbers

Studies have shown that nearly 60 to 70 million people’s lives are affected by this condition. Also, nearly 50 million doctor visits in the year 2010 alone were in regards to digestive conditions and symptoms associated with them. These digestive diseases have been responsible for hospitalizing nearly 20 million people so the severity of this condition needs to be taken seriously.

Conditions That May Be Relieved With Chiropractic Treatment

While the term digestive disease is more of a blanket term for conditions like hernias, IBS, GERD, gallstones, pancreatitis and much more, the goal is to bring knowledge and understanding to these diseases that they can be serious and need to be treated to ensure overall wellness of a person.
Digestive Disorders May Be Treatable With Chiropractic Care

Taking A Conservative Approach

This idea is simple. Taking care of your body and fueling it with what it needs when it needs it will allow for more energy and less time trying to recover from and ill body. An optimal nervous system-.When the nervous system is functioning well, the body is communicating well with each part.

As the brain is speaking to every cell, the spinal cord and nerves are sending information back to the bran in the same way. When everything is working together, the body is functioning at an optimal level. When these lines of communication are not occurring the way they should be this is when the chiropractor will make an adjustment and by doing so remove the restrictions that were blocking the clean path of communication as well as increase mobility and range of motion.

In order for digestion to happen, the body needs to take in and correctly absorb the right amount of nutrients and avoid taking in what it doesn’t need. When the body does consume what it does not need however, it needs to be able to rid itself of that material in an appropriate amount of time.

In order for all of these functions to occur the body needs to have the proper amount of water. When the body has the right amount of water the excess waste material can flow out of the body and rid itself of the toxicity. Aside from water, exercise also aids in the removal of excess waste and assists in the digestive and absorption process.

Having a strong core can help strengthen the function of your digestive system. When the muscles are weak, a hernia can occur which is when the intestines pop out of place. To ensure the digestive system is in optimal condition as well as your overall health, core training can go a long way.
Digestive Disorders May Be Treatable With Chiropractic Care

Living Your Best Life and Decreasing The Chances of Chronic Conditions Requires Work, Energy, and Effort.

Being proactive about your digestive health can mean all the difference in a minor condition versus a serious digestive disease. Be mindful of water intake and practice clean eating to avoid unnecessary toxins that can get backed up in the digestive system. Working on a strong core goes far beyond cosmetics as it can be the difference on how your body is able to digest food properly. If you are looking to improve your overall health and learn more about your digestive health and how it affects your overall well-being, contact our Atlanta chiropractors at (404) 889-8828!


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