Drink More Water To Feel Great Every Day!
Mar 6, 2019

Drink More Water To Feel Great Every Day! | AICA AtlantaRecently, our Atlanta chiropractors discussed the dangers to your body if one does not consume the adequate amount of water but now we will share with you the benefits of this amazing resource.

Tired? Drink water!

When your body is deprived of a sufficient water supply, a person can become extremely fatigued and because of the lack of water the body must work harder to keep moving. Your heart must pump harder and your body works in over time, so to avoid the overdrive, fuel your body with water.


That awful mid-day twinge in the head can trigger a terrible migraine and it can be potentially be avoided by fueling the brain which is 75% water with brain power it needs.

Glowing skin?

Water is the answer! By providing your body with an adequate water supply you can maintain that youthful skin and maintain that elasticity that minimizes wrinkling!

Excess weight?

Are you on a weight loss journey? Partner up with water and find yourself on the path to success! When drinking water during weight loss, you will find it easier to resist temptations as your body will be full from water intake.


Benefits of water consumption can lead to a decrease in tension which can boost your mood and help with depression and eliminate confusion!

Bye, toxins!

As we discussed before, water is an essential ingredient in keeping your organs in their best shape. Consuming water will allow your body to flush out harmful toxins and allow those organs to continue operating the way they are meant too!

Digestion troubles?

You guessed it- drink water! By providing your body with water your intestines are able to work at their highest functioning power allowing your body to regulate bowel movements and removing harmful toxins from the body.

At AICA Atlanta, we promote healthy water consumption to help make your body work to the best of its ability and to allow you to live your best life. Please call us today at (404) 889-8828 so we can further discuss the benefits water has to offer, and to help guide you in living a healthy lifestyle!


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