How Poor Posture Affects Your Mood

May 18, 2018

As more people continue to take on professional positions that require them to sit for long periods each day, the importance of paying attention to personal posture also continues to increase. If you’ve never put much thought toward your posture while sitting down or standing in place, you may want to before you experience various chronic conditions or mood fluctuation.

Health Risks Connected to Poor Posture

Consider the following information that highlights three specific health risks connected to practicing poor posture on a regular basis.

  • Every time you lean forward, the stress that’s applied to your neck increases significantly. Following through with this action regularly can lead to numbness, chronic pain, pinched nerves, and shortness in breath. Excessive stress that’s applied to your neck can also cause your back muscles to constrict, which can lead to recurring headaches.
  • There are social consequences connected to practicing poor posture. When you slump or hunch forward, studies show that people tend to interpret this behavior as sadness or disinterest. Depending on how you want to be perceived within your personal and professional environments, you may not appreciate your peers avoiding contact with you based on your body language.
  • Studies show that when individuals are confronted with a high-stress situation, those who practice positive posture tend to maintain higher self-esteem and more positive moods.


AICA Atlanta Can Help You Improve Your Posture

You can improve your posture with the support of our Atlanta chiropractors through regular adjustments, exercise, controlled stretching, and remaining active. Contact our team today to learn more great tips for practicing healthy posture or to schedule a same-day adjustment. Just dial (404) 889-8828.


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