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How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain
Jul 13, 2020

How to Treat Sciatic Nerve PainSciatic nerve pain occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed, pinched, or injured. This nerve begins in the lumbar spine, travels down the lower back, and goes into each leg. Problems with the sciatic nerve lead to back pain, pain in the hips, and legs and the pain can range from minor and annoying to severe and debilitating. Pain can be sharp, stabbing, aching, or radiating, and discomfort from sciatica can also include tingling, numbness, and feelings of weakness.

If you’re dealing with sciatic nerve pain or suspect that is the culprit of your discomfort, chiropractic treatment is one of the best options for minimizing pain and truly correcting the problem.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

Chiropractic treatment is all about the central nervous system, which includes all of the nerves of the body. The sciatic nerve generally causes problems when it is pinched or compressed, meaning there is some form of pressure on it. Chiropractic care deals with the proper alignment of the spine and the entire skeletal system, and since the bones are the most likely culprit for sciatic nerve pain, chiropractors are the best doctors to help resolve the issue.

A chiropractor will adjust your spine with gentle and precise movements that realign the bones and relieve pressure on all surrounding nerves, including the sciatic nerve. Not only does this allow the body to function more optimally, but it also reduces pain associated with the sciatic nerve. Chiropractic treatment is an effective solution for sciatic nerve pain because it gets right to the root cause of the problem. It doesn’t cover up the pain with medication or simply help the muscles get used to the discomfort or change in stature. Instead, it removes the problem entirely by moving the bones that are causing the pressure on the nerve and the accompanying pain.

Many people who seek chiropractic treatment for sciatic nerve pain will feel relief quickly. The muscles can often shift the bones back to how they were before the chiropractic adjustment, however, so it’s important that you maintain your recurring appointments for chiropractic treatment. This will help your muscles get used to your spine being in proper alignment and will help your body function well while also minimizing your pain.

Other At-Home Remedies

If you’re still dealing with sciatic nerve pain after or between chiropractic treatments, you can utilize some at-home remedies to reduce pain and maximize healing and comfort. Rest can be incredibly helpful as it allows your body to heal fully without exacerbating the sciatic nerve over and over again.

At the same time, however, moving can help with inflammation, provided that the movements are done safely, properly, and with moderation. Short walks are about the extent of the movement suggested, aside from exercises from a physical therapist, but you should discuss this with your chiropractor before trying this.

Stretching can also be beneficial as it allows the muscles to relax and helps alleviate tension and pressure on and around the sciatic nerve. Hot and cold packs can help with pain and healing, as well as with soreness from stretching or exercising.

If your pain is too intense, you can take over the counter pain reliever to ease your discomfort, but know that an absence of pain does not indicate healing of your sciatic nerve problem, and you should continue to seek chiropractic treatment or other forms of treatment to resolve the root cause of the problem.

More Treatment Options for Long-Lasting and Severe Sciatic Nerve Pain

If your sciatic nerve pain isn’t improved with chiropractic treatment or other forms of treatment, you may need to talk to your doctor about long-term solutions for chronic and severe sciatica. Sometimes, medication can be prescribed to help, such as anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants. You can also get steroid injections, though these are not long-term solutions and only provide temporary relief. If every other treatment option has failed, you may need to consider surgery. While less than 10% of those with sciatic nerve pain need surgery, it may be needed in severe cases when chiropractic treatment and other treatment options are not effective.

In most cases, seeking chiropractic treatment is the most effective way to deal with sciatic nerve pain. The majority of people who begin chiropractic care for sciatica will see relief in just a handful of visits, if not sooner. Make an appointment today with AICA Orthopedics to begin chiropractic treatment and experience the safe, natural, and effective healing power of chiropractic care for sciatic nerve pain.