Now That It’s March, How Are You Doing With Your Health Resolutions?

Mar 1, 2019

The New Year is a time where many make resolutions about their health and wellness in regards to their chronic pain, but many seem to fall short of their goals due to unrealistic time frames and ideas. With 2019’s first quarter winding down, our Atlanta chiropractors want to make sure that you are still committed to improving personal health. The medical team at AICA Atlanta has created some tips to help you maintain and reach your goals.

Tips For Improving Personal Health


Step 1: Walk, walk and more walking

Whether you are walking outdoors in the fresh air or indoors, this low- impact exercise is working to reduce inflammation, build muscle tone, and allows oxygen-rich blood to pump through your body to those areas causing pain.

For the best walking experience, wear comfortable footwear that support your feet. Invest in a step counter to encourage you to reach your goal of 10,000 steps a day. Start of small with a goal of 7,000 steps and then incorporate more opportunities for more steps as you master each level.

The best way to meet your goals is to enlist a friend. It gives you a chance to have a companion on your walks but most importantly, someone to hold you accountable!

Step 2: Screen-zone free room

Sleep is a huge factor in regards to chronic pain, so eliminating those factors that cause us to lose sleep is a step in the right direction. Removing screen time in the bedroom will allow you to fall asleep faster and have a well-rested night’s sleep.

By removing this factor you can also potentially reduce your neck and back pain as you will be laying in your bed the proper way, not being propped up and falling asleep in awkward positions watching your favorite nighttime shows.

This idea also goes for laptops, smartphones or any other electronics that may distract you from getting a good night sleep. When these objects are being used in your place of sleep, your mind has a hard time recognizing when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to work so breaking the habit of screen time in the bedroom is a specific goal to work towards to improve one’s quality of sleep.

How to break the habit?

How do we disconnect and let go? One way is to turn your phone off or place it on airplane mode as well as keeping it out of arm’s reach. Use this time to read a book or an article you have been meaning to read, but stay away from the electronic versions as this will only continue the habit of the need of your electronics at night.

Step 3: Drink up!

Water is a key ingredient in keeping one’s spine in good health, among, many other benefits. Your spine is made up of inter vertebral discs which is composed of mostly water so hydrating your body is crucial in maintaining a healthy spine. Drinking plenty of water will also provide nutrients to the body and maintains functions of the joints and organs in your body.

How much?

When figuring out how much water intake is right for you, start by taking your body weight and dividing that by 2. This will give you the amount of ounces you should consume in one day. If plain water doesn’t taste the best for you, find a water bottle with fruit infusers which will allow for delicious flavored water. When drinking the correct amount of water you will also be less tempted to be drinking soda or alcoholic beverages as they can be affecting your health in a negative way.

Step 4: Say goodbye to tobacco!

Among the other negative effects tobacco has on the body, lower back pain has also been associated with smoking.

Those who smoke have higher rates of pain then those who don’t smoke, so setting a date to quit will be beneficial in ridding some of that chronic pain caused by smoking. Share your thoughts with family and friends about how you want to kick the habit and have them help you by making you accountable for your choice.

Encouragement and compassion from others will make ridding the habit much easier. Consider replacing smoking with an activity or replacing that morning cigarette with a cup of tea.

Limit your encounters with those who smoke in your first few weeks of quitting as to avoid the temptation to have one. Also, speak to your physician about medications that may help with the cravings.

Unsure of where to start?

Start by picking one of these New Year’s resolutions and contact Atlanta chiropractors at (404) 889-8828 for an appointment to help you in helping yourself this year.


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