How To Prevent Back Pain

May 25, 2016

Approximately 80 percent of people will have an acute back pain episode at some point in their life.

Once you experience an episode of back pain, it is likely to recur, usually within one year of the first onset.

What a terrible thing!

It’s no surprise that billions of dollars are spent on back pain treatment each year and that the chiropractic profession has a good outlook for job growth shortly – everybody is getting back pain and not receiving effective treatment.

So, what about all of those billions of dollars being spent?

Are they curing pain with expensive devices, surgeries, drugs? In general, the answer is no.

Back Pain Treatment

The rising costs of the treatment of back pain have not been directly associated with lower incidences of back pain.

On the contrary, the problems just keep getting worse. Hence the need for studies such as this one, which investigates the effectiveness of various methods of back pain prevention. The study compared shoe insoles, exercise, education, and back belts and found that the only decent evidence of reduced risk of low back pain episodes came from training combined with exercise.

By education, we mean in-office education from the healthcare practitioner about what causes lower back pain and strategies to avoid re-injury.

Knowledge Is Key

When you choose to come to our Atlanta office, our goal is not to just deliver personalized, professional treatment, but to give you tools through proper education to avoid what injures your back and help it to mend properly.

We will not just put you on a table, adjust you, and send you on your way.

If we don’t explain how to take care of your spine, you will be right back in my office for the same reason wondering why you aren’t seeing any improvements.

We will help empower you to make better decisions and start better habits to help you stay feeling well.

You’ll also notice that our staff doesn’t prescribe back belts and insoles very often, or encourage the use of other products.

That is because they have diminishing utility in back pain prevention. We only use them if necessary.

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