Relieve Your Neck Pain with Better Posture

Sep 26, 2013

Visiting your car accident doctor in Atlanta is a great option if you have suffered a neck injury after an auto accident. However, many instances of neck pain occur due to simple everyday activities. In order to relieve neck pain, making some changes to use better posture is a great option.

Poor Posture

Poor posture can result in an increased forward curvature of the neck that also makes the head move forward. If your head is not supported by the spine at the top of the shoulders and is instead situated over the chest, neck pain can occur over time.

Neck Pain and Posture

By maintaining a forward head posture, you may notice an increase tightness of the extensors in the back of your neck due to overuse.

The squeezing or tightening of these muscles can decrease the flow of blood to the area, and they can also cause the front neck flexors to stretch due to the forward positioning of your head.

They can then become weak due to being used too frequently, and muscle imbalances may occur, causing fatigue, strain, loss of motion, and stress displacement onto joints.

Correcting your Posture

For many people, their chronic neck pain is the result of prolonged and repetitive poor posture. Sitting at a computer all day is a prime example, and a visit to your Atlanta chiropractor can help to determine how your posture is affecting your pain issues.

Your chiropractor can assess your movement, muscle strength, and joints in order to determine a corrective course of action.

By examining your posture, your chiropractor can also determine if it is the cause or if it is simply a symptom of another muscle or joint dysfunction.

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