Sciatica Treatment

Oct 24, 2018

Sciatica is a condition that is regularly misdiagnosed and cited in many cases of lower back pain. Any pain in the lower back that impairs your mobility or stops you from following through with your routine should be discussed with a chiropractor.

Still, it’s important to note that not all lower back pain related to sciatica. This type of pain is unique and while it can be debilitating, it can be treated by our Atlanta chiropractors.

What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve extends from the lower back, through the buttocks, and into the back of each leg. It is the longest nerve in your body and the widest; responsible for manipulating the muscles found in the lower portion of each leg.

The sciatic nerve also supports sensation to both legs and soles of a patient’s feet. When someone suffers from sciatica it indicates that they feel consistent pain along their sciatic nerve.
In addition to intense pain, sciatica patients may also notice dull aches, tingling, numbness, or burning sensations. The pain and other symptoms are typically experienced on one specific side of the body.

People who are between 30 and 50 years old are most vulnerable to sciatica, and the symptoms are often associated with gradual degeneration rather than from an accident injury. Sciatic pain often increase in intensity after sitting for long periods, excessive physical activity, sneezing, coughing, or other random actions.

Chiropractic Treats the Source of Sciatica

People suffering from sciatic pain will often try a variety of traditional treatment methods without noticing any relief. The issue with many conventional solutions is that they largely consist of pain medications and muscle relaxants that mask the symptoms, rather than treat the source of the issue.

Our chiropractors will conduct a complete and thorough examination to identify the source of each patient’s condition. If it is determined to be sciatica, appropriate treatment will be rendered immediately.

Many patients prefer chiropractic treatment over traditional solutions because it is completely non-invasive and drug-free. People tend to be concerned over their long-term wellbeing when invasive treatments that affect the spine are provided. And, many patients understand that relying on pain medications does not lead to long-term relief.

Preventative Measures

Patients can always take proactive steps when it comes to preventing lower back pain. Sciatica can’t always be avoided, but if someone actively works to maintain healthy weight, appropriate posture, avoids prolonged periods of sitting, and exercises often – the chances of developing pain diminish significantly

These measures, combined with treatment from our chiropractic team at AICA Atlanta can help turn sciatic pain into a distant memory.


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