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Screening Your Kids For Scoliosis

Apr 18, 2018

If your child is diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine, there is no reason to panic. This particular condition is commonly seen in kids and is manageable with early detection. Scoliosis refers to an abnormal curvature of the spine and can cause long-term health complications if not treated early on.

Our team of Atlanta Chiropractors are here to help ensure that your children develop into strong, healthy adults. Consider the following information that can helps parents recognize the signs and symptoms associated with scoliosis.

Checking For Scoliosis

It’s recommended to start examining your child’s spine for scoliosis by the time they turn eight years old. You can perform a basic exam at home or ask one of our chiropractors to follow through with the test at our clinic. To perform an examination at your home, you will need to:

Have your child bend over at the wait with you positioned directly behind them. Examine the curve of their spine and if their back has a smooth, natural curve, all is well. Make sure to also examine their rib cage on each side as they bend over. If you see that one particular side of their rib cage extends outward, contact one of our chiropractors right away.

The next step is to have your child stand up straight to see if one of their hips or shoulders are positioned higher than the other. If there are imbalances, it’s important to schedule an examination at our office to confirm the existence of scoliosis. Early detection and treatment provides the best opportunity to manage the condition and provide a positive outcome.

Contact AICA Atlanta For A Scoliosis Examination

Call our office today at (404) 889-8828 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about treating scoliosis or a complete examination for immediate treatment. AICA Atlanta is the community’s most experienced and comprehensive chiropractic clinic that helps thousands of children throughout the greater region overcome various back conditions.


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