Solutions For Treating A Herniated Disc: Chiropractic Care

Nov 26, 2018

Patients that visit our Atlanta chiropractors often suffer from a herniated disc. This specific injury typically responds well to chiropractic care, which is why scheduling an appointment in the early stages of this injury is important. Treatment of herniated discs by our chiropractors can help you avoid prescription pain medications and the potential long-term side effects of drug therapy.

What Is A Herniated Disc?

If you have a herniated disc there is a tear in the outer portion of one of your vertebral discs. The inner portion of the disc, the nucleus, will then protrude as a result. Another name for a herniated disc is ruptured or slipped disc. The herniated portion of the disc ultimately can cause compression on the nerves surrounding the disc, which is what causes the discomfort.

Herniated discs are most often resulting from aging and normal wear and tear that occurs as a result. Moisture content within your discs is lost over time and thus they lose flexibility, which can make them at greater risk for tears and ruptures with minimal stressors applied. Being overweight, working a physically demanding job, lifting with poor technique, or even sometimes genetics can contribute to herniation.

Common Symptoms

Often, people who have a herniated disc will have little to no symptoms, but those that do have them will tend to experience extreme pain. Lower back discs that become herniated can cause pain in the hips, thighs, calves, and buttocks. Cervical vertebrae herniation will cause pain in shoulders and arms. Sometimes you may also experience numbness, tingling, and weakness as a result of this. The affected nerves will cause the body parts associated to experience these symptoms.

Chiropractic Treatment Available For Patients Near Atlanta

If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc it is important to call us at (404) 889-8828 and make an appointment with one of our chiropractors as soon as possible. If you have not received a diagnosis yet but are experiencing the above symptoms, that is okay. Many patients come to us with no diagnosis and our chiropractors work diligently to assess the situation and come up with the best-personalized treatment plan for each individual patient. Paying attention to your symptoms so you can give an accurate history to the chiropractor when you come can help expedite this process. As always, we are here to help answer any of your questions.


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