Top 3 Ways to Avoid A Car Accident In Atlanta

Nov 2, 2012

Driving appears to be such a mundane task, but at any moment you can be involved in a serious car accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 6 million accidents last year, 2.9 million injuries from car accidents and 42,643 fatal car accidents.

Driving is a huge responsibility, never take it lightly.

Who causes most car accidents?

Since the creation of the combustible engine, men and women have labeled the opposite gender as the worst drivers. The truth is that most accidents are caused by teenage drivers and the elderly. Teenage drivers are in more car accidents because they lack experience and the maturity to make the correct decisions. The elderly are involved in more car accidents because they have slower reflexes and diminished eyesight.

What AICA chiropractors suggest you should do to avoid getting into a car accident
  • Avoid in car distractions
  • Never drive while tired
  • Make sure that your car is in proper working order

Avoid distractions, while driving:

What exactly are “In Car Distractions”? This includes talking on a cellphone while driving, texting and driving, having involved conversations, taking your eye off the road to eat, adjusting the radio or using your GPS. All of the activities mentioned above have caused car accident, serious injuries and even death to motorists.

Never drive while tired:

As unbelievable as it might sound, driving while fatigued can be more dangerous than driving drunk. Fatigued drivers are a danger to themselves and other drivers. If you find yourself tired, sleepy or unable to pay attention, pullover and get off the road.

Make sure that your car is in proper working order:

Do other motorists and yourself a favor by having your car regularly serviced. A teenager in Hemet, California was recently not charged with any criminal charges for running over 8 students outside his school. Seven of the students had minor injuries, but one student suffered a severe brain injury. His truck had brake failure, and he was unable to stop. Do not let this be your story.

Unfortunately, there is no amount of prevention that can guarantee you’ll be exempt from an accident.  If you or someone you loved has been in a recent car accident, call Atlanta’s leading accident doctor today.


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