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Walking With A Cane
Apr 12, 2019

There are many devices that can aid a person to increase their mobility and a cane is one of the easiest and most lightweight devices to assist someone with walking. A cane can even be customized to a person’s own liking as they may choose colors and styles that best suit them.


A cane can help distribute one’s weight from the knee, hip or ankle that may be causing the problem. A single point cane is best as it allows you to use your good leg and bad leg with the assist from the cane giving you a third point instead of just using your legs which only give you two points of mobility.

The height

A cane has many features, aside from being able to choose color and design, an adjustable height is also an option. When fitting yourself for a cane, ensure that you are wearing comfortable shoes and ones that you wear for normal walking. Have someone assist you by measuring the distance from your wrist to floor as your arm is extended at your side. Although this may not be the most accurate form of measurement, this will allow for a comfortable fit with you cane.


Once you have chosen your cane and adjusted it to fit your needs, begin by holding the cane in the opposite hand of the leg that is the weakest. As you are stepping with your bad leg, move the can simultaneously about two inches forward and then follow through with your good leg. Also, be sure to using cane on level surfaces.

Climbing with a cane

As you encounter stairs, always begin climbing leading with your best leg forward. After you have a good balance on your good leg, lift your weaker leg and cane at the same time. When walking down the stairs, lead with the bad leg first followed by the good leg. When using stairs assisted by a cane, remember to go up with the good and down with the bad.

Learning to adjust

A cane may be used as an assist to help you recover from and injury or surgery or possibly as an aid for the rest of your life caused by a debilitating condition. The more one uses the cane the more natural it will become. Using the assistant device will help by limiting further injury and allowing you the ability to maintain mobility.

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