Can a Chiropractor Help with Tennis Elbow?

Nov 27, 2021

Can a Chiropractor Help with Tennis ElbowLateral epicondylitis is a condition that affects the tendons in the elbow, most commonly known as tennis elbow. It is helpful to note that not every tennis player experiences tennis elbow, and not everyone who experiences tennis elbow has ever played tennis. The more common name for this condition comes from the repetitive arm movements common with playing tennis. These repetitive movements can cause pain and inflammation in the elbow and even affect the wrist and other parts of the arm. If you are experiencing pain in your elbow due to repetitive arm movements or overuse, then you want to find the best chiropractor near you to help. Chiropractic treatment for tennis elbow offers non-invasive and all-natural techniques to help alleviate pain and swelling in the area and improve healthy functioning going forward.

Common Causes of Tennis Elbow

The common causes of tennis elbow all involve repetitive movements and overuse of the elbow joint, forearm, hand, and wrist. Here are four examples of common causes of tennis elbow:

1. Tennis and Other Sports

Tennis elbow is one of the most common injuries for young athletes. Tennis and other sports that require you to move your arm in a repetitive movement can cause this overuse injury. Other racket sports and sports like baseball involve repeated movements that engage all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your arm for the activity.

2. Computer Usage

If you work at a desk all day, then you might be surprised to hear you have developed something called tennis elbow. However, computer usage, like repetitively moving a computer mouse around, can actually strain the muscles in your arm that provide support to your elbow joint.

3. Home Improvement

Home improvement tasks like painting, driving screws, or using other tools can lead to this type of overuse injury. Whether you are working on a fixer-upper or simply doing your own renovations, you might experience elbow pain after repetitive arm movements.

4. Job-Related Tasks

Certain jobs and job-related tasks can make you more susceptible to work injuries like tennis elbow. Painters, plumbers, and carpenters all use their arms repeatedly and can end up putting significant pressure on the elbow joint and supporting soft tissues.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Common symptoms of tennis elbow include pain that starts in the elbow and may radiate along the outside of your arm into the forearm and wrist. Tennis elbow can also cause weakness and pain in the wrist joint, making daily routine tasks like turning a doorknob or holding a coffee cup more difficult. Tennis elbow can also cause inflammation in the soft tissues that support the elbow joint, which can become aggravated with continued movements. The muscles along the forearm that connect to the outside of the elbow can end up causing pain and weakness along the forearm and into your wrist and hand.

Chiropractic Treatment for Tennis Elbow

When you visit a chiropractor for tennis elbow, they will want to do a physical examination of your elbow, forearm, and wrist. This may include asking that you try turning or twisting your arm gently and identify what movements cause more pain and discomfort. Your chiropractor may also want to run diagnostic imaging tests like an X-ray or CT scan to confirm the diagnosis and also rule out other potential injuries. Here’s how chiropractic for tennis elbow can help you:

Resting the Elbow and Arm

Your chiropractor will likely recommend that you rest your elbow and arm, especially when the pain gets worse. Taking time to rest and ice the area helps allow your body to heal and recover from the repetitive movements.

Managing the Pain

A chiropractic elbow adjustment can also help to manage your pain associated with tennis elbow. For lasting relief for tennis elbow, your chiropractor will identify the source of your pain and address the root cause. When the elbow joint is properly aligned, it can function at its best and reduce the risk of future issues.

Reducing Inflammation

A tennis elbow chiropractic adjustment can also help with reducing inflammation in the area. When the elbow joint is functioning properly, that means healthy nutrients and oxygen-rich blood can flow effectively to the area.

Practicing Proper Technique

Your chiropractor will also encourage you to practice proper technique during your sport, job, or activity that has caused your tennis elbow.

Visit a chiropractor at AICA Orthopedics in Atlanta to learn more about tennis elbow and how you can experience lasting relief from your pain!


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