Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care For Patients In Atlanta?

Nov 19, 2014

You may be wondering whether chiropractic care is covered by your insurance.

To know absolutely, first ask your chiropractor. Make sure that you ask whether the services being offered to you are specifically covered.

Most insurance and major medical plans will compensate for chiropractic care. These include: Medicare, certain Medicaid plans and, in the case of federal employees, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Active and veteran members of the military can also receive chiropractic care that is covered by their insurance.

Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Care?

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, your chiropractor may not opt out of medicare, though he may be non-participating.

Here’s the difference:

  • A non-participating, or non-par provider is still enrolled in Medicare, but can decide to receive payment with a private contract between himself and his patient. Because the doctor is still with Medicare, he is required to bill them, and Medicare will send the patient any additional money for which it is obligated to pay.
  • All medicare part B covered services still must be billed to medicare. If a physician fails to bill for them, he’s penalized, per the Mandatory Claim Submission Rule.
  • (Part B includes medically necessary services and items required to diagnose and treat a medical condition, as well as preventative medicine. Things like clinical research, ambulatory transport, durable medical equipment, and getting a surgical second opinion.)
  • Opting out means the doctor doesn’t bill Medicare at all, and instead makes a private contract with you, the patient. Doctors opt out of Medicare to curtail their costs, but according to the Centers For Medicaid and Medicare Services, chiropractors don’t have that option.

What Chiropractic Service Should Medicaid Cover?

  • Manual manipulation of the spine to correct subluxation, IF the treatment is legal in the State where it’s undertaken.
  • Some Chiropractors may use manual devices to assist in a manipulation. This can be included in the coverage but not as a separate payment.

What Chiropractic Services Does Medicaid Not Cover?

  • Any other service that’s provided or ordered, including X-rays and diagnostics will not be covered or paid for.

How Many Visits To My Chiropractor Can I Get With Medicare?

Again, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, there is no maximum number of visits if your chiropractor meets the licensing requirements, as are set down in the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15, Section 30.5

Why Go To A Chiropractor

The total cost of your medical bills may be lowered if you see a chiropractor for your back. The treatment you receive at a chiropractor are cheaper than more invasive techniques, and will steer you away from costly or habit-forming medications.

Your first appointments will be dedicated to neutralizing pain and helping your body move. Later visits will help you heal, and provide maintenance if necessary, which can increase your overall health.

Insurance coverage may begin to catch up to the many benefits of chiropractic care – even to quell migraines and ear infections. Currently, most insurance plans will pay for initial treatments, and care for urgent conditions. They tend not to cover chiropractic visits for maintenance alone.


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