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Make The Most Of Spring Break 2018
Mar 19, 2018

Our Atlanta Chiropractors understand that thousands of college students throughout the greater region are currently enjoying their time away from school, while on spring break vacation. For students to make the most of their school break, it’s important to set a balance between having fun and protecting your health. That’s why our staff is offering a few spring break safety tips today – to help students understand how they can enjoy their vacations without harming their bodies.

Spring Break Safety Tips

Car Accidents

Auto accidents are the leading cause of injury and bodily harm for students during spring break. If you are traveling to a particular destination this year or are planning on using a car during your trip, pay extra attention to the other vehicles around you. If you notice another driver swerving across multiple lanes, driving at excessive speeds, or behaving aggressively, give yourself plenty of distance to avoid a collision.

If you plan on enjoying the night life with friends of family members and consume alcohol, do not drink and drive. To avoid a potentially fatal accident or legal ramifications, call a professional transportation service like Uber to drive you to your desired location or ask someone in your group to serve as the designated driver.

Extreme Sports or Outdoor Activities

If you plan on participating in some type of extreme sport or outdoor activity like zip lining, adhere to all rules and safety precautions, as well as utilize all appropriate equipment.

Alcohol Consumption

It’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with your friends during spring break, if you are over the legal age. However, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to a series of negative events that effect your health, the welfare of others, and your long-term future in terms of potential legal violations. If you plan on drinking, make sure to consume plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated, do not drink on an empty stomach, and try to space out each beverage so that you are not consuming too much, too soon.

Have A Great 2018 Spring Break!

Our Atlanta Chiropractors are happy to help college students enjoy their vacation without harming themselves or those around them. AICA Atlanta hopes that everyone who is planning on traveling this year has a great spring break! Please consider your short and long-term health and try to avoid decisions, activities, and people that may negatively affect your welfare.