Preventative Measures To Avoid Being Involved In Auto Accidents
Apr 24, 2019

 Preventative Measures To Avoid Being Involved In Auto Accidents | AICA AtlantaAccidents always happen at what seem to be the worst of times and are never something anyone expects but something that often happens. These accidents although quick, can cause severe damage as well as having long term effects on a person. Death is a tragic outcome of these accidents and 50 percent of all reported deaths from these accidents are individuals aged 15- 44 years old.

Preventing Car Accidents

In many cases, auto accidents result in the need for an attorney to help sort out the facts out the case and to determine what it is that you should be entitled to depending upon the damages you have endured. There are many injury and accident attorneys in the Atlanta area however, our team at AICA Atlanta would like to help you before you get to that point and have made a list of tips for you to follow when on the roads.

Stay Focused

There is always going to be distractions outside of your vehicle but what about inside? Keeping your phone out of arm’s reach may be a great way to avoid the temptation of texting and driving as this action leads to immediate distraction from the road which can result in an accident in an instant.

Texting isn’t the only inside distraction, trying to find your favorite song by flipping through station on the radio, eating while driving or even engaging in conversation with your passenger can cause you to lose focus just long enough for an accident to happen. Always be cautious and limit inside distractions when driving.


Always keep up on preventative maintenance for your car as it will keep you safe and ultimately save you money down the road. Change out old tires when necessary and maintain proper brake function by having your brakes evaluated for wear and tear and replace when needed.

Eyes Forward

When operating a vehicle, your focus should always be what is around the car and in front of you. It’s best to always plan ahead and be ready for anything that may even be 10-15 seconds ahead of you so you can have a plan of action if something occurs in front of you that is out the ordinary. If there is a child on the side of the road playing with a ball, your reaction should be to slow down and anticipate either the ball rolling into the road or for the child to run after it. Remain alert to your surroundings and adapt when necessary.

Be on the Defense

A defensive driver is just what it sounds like, you are on the defense waiting to react to a change and if you remain alert and focused, you will catch the change and avoid the obstacle. Being mindful of speed limits and aware of other drivers will go a long way in protecting you from being involved in an accident.

Our team of Atlanta chiropractors wish nothing but your safety on the roads and if you would like to learn about other ways to stay safe or if you have been in an accident and would like to know more about our treatment options, contact us today at (404) 889-8828!


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