Stand Taller For Better Quality Of Life
Aug 14, 2019

Stand Taller For Better Quality Of Life | AICA AtlantaHaving proper posture is a lot more than just looking good. Although, when you have good posture you appear to be more alert, focused, and confident. When you display poor posture your demeanor showcases someone who appears to be tired or unmotivated. Poor posture goes much deeper however than just a lack of motivation and can have negative impacts on your health and create chronic back pain.

Bad Posture Culprits

Living in a society where our phones are usually in arms reach away means that on any given moment we can reach for them and without realizing it get lost in scrolling for minutes or hours on end. While scrolling or searching, the posture often begins to slump and you find yourself slouching in a chair with your neck bent. This is having a drastic impact on your body.

Aside from looking confident, having good posture can ensure that your bones remain properly aligned, your ligaments become less stressed and your risk of injury decreases.

The musculoskeletal system consists of the muscles and ligaments in the body and when they have not been used properly the rest of the body can become affected. The spine is part of this system and when the muscles and cartilage around the spine become weak, slipped discs and misaligned vertebrae are possible scenarios that can occur.

When bad posture is practiced you put your body at risk for:

  • Poor circulation
  • Exacerbated arthritis
  • Fatigue
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Chronic headaches
  • Breathing problems

Do I Have Bad Posture?

Well, if you aren’t sure if your posture is correct, take a look at your shoulders. Are they slumped? If yes, then work on keeping your shoulders back. With nearly 90 percent of Americans working at a desk all day, it leaves you open for pain and discomfort. This is due to hunching over at your desk or not sitting in an appropriate chair or having your computer and the correct height to avoid slouching.

Forward Head Carriage

If your head is stretched too far forward it could add unnecessary weight onto the spine which could lead to pain. Always remember, your ears should line up above your shoulders.

  • Do you extend your neck while working on a computer or texting on a phone?
  • Is there pain in your neck or shoulders?
  • Do you keep your ears aligned with your shoulders?

Uneven Weight Distribution

If your hips are unbalanced this can cause an uneven weight distribution on the body and cause wear and tear on the joints.

  • When standing, do you tend to favor one leg over the other?
  • Have you ever noticed the soles of one of your shoes more worn than the other?
  • Do you ever experience pain on only one side of the body?

If you have acknowledged that you do any of these things or have experienced any of these symptoms, contact our Atlanta chiropractors for a consultation.

How To Correct Poor Posture

Working with a chiropractor can help correct poor posture. Having regular adjustments can go along way for your spine health.

How To Fix Posture When Sitting

When sitting in a chair, make sure that both feet are planted on the floor and not dangling. If the chair is too high, find another chair or get a footrest so that your feet are planted flat on something. Avoid crossing your legs as this can cause the body to become unbalanced and keep the ankles in front of the knees. If you find that your work chair is uncomfortable, adjust to suit your lower back needs. Although your work station is at a desk, ensure that you get up and walk around once every thirty minutes.

How To Fix Posture When Standing

When you are standing, focus your weight on the balls of your feet and keep the knees slightly bent. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and have your shoulders back. Align your ears with your shoulders and allow for your arms to hang naturally.

Our Atlanta chiropractors believe posture can make or break someone and if poor posture has affected your life we would like to help straighten you out and help you stand a little bit taller. Our practice provides you with tips to help you work on posture in your everyday life while providing you with adjustments in our office to correct misalignment and aid in pain management. Call us at (404) 889-8828 to learn more.


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