Surviving Office Life

Aug 1, 2019

Surviving Office Life | AICA AtlantaEach job regardless of the nature of the profession can have some form of health risks. When people think of work-related injuries,  manual labor jobs such as construction or other physically demanding jobs tend to come to mind.

However, what some may not think of are the risks imposed on the body from office work. You may not be scaling a building or using heavy machinery but there are health risks associated with working in an office.

Office Hazards

With nearly 80 percent of Americans sitting all day while working, this decrease in physical movement is causing serious health risks. Studies have shown that if sitting for long periods of time your muscles become weaker, joints can become tighter, as well as increased strain on the back.

The risk of heart disease is also higher for those who sit for long periods of time and this can also affect life expectancy. Adding exercise to your routine is important but it’s not enough and it is critical for you to get up and move throughout your work day.

Simple things such as taking a walk, standing when able to even while working, taking the stairs and printing paper to printers that may be a little farther away may help decrease the chances of your body reacting poorly to your role in the office.

Fixing Posture

When posture is not taken seriously the muscles in the body are forced to work harder than they need to. After slouching for long periods of time the muscles can become stiff or sore and lead to other problems such as poor circulation and digestion issues.

When the body isn’t in proper posture the stress on spine increases and this can develop into lower back pain and headaches. How do you keep your posture in check? Our Atlanta chiropractors have some successful tips to help cut back on the slouching and get you standing tall.

Try These Tips

If working on a computer, ensure that the bottom of your screen is level with your eyes and at least 30 inches away from your face as this will help to prevent slouching at your workstation.

Pick a work chair that allows for you to be comfortable and supports the spine as well as creating a 90 degree angle for the elbows, hips and knees. Crossing your legs can cause discomfort in the spine so be sure to keep your feet flat on the floor.

If carrying work to and from home, make sure the bag to transport your materials isn’t overly heavy as this can cause problems for the back and shoulders. If possible, switch shoulders often or shop for a cross body bag to proportion the weight better.

Small changes, long term success

When adding some of these changes into your office life, the body will begin to correct poor posture habits and allow for a more relaxed and successful experience in the workplace/

If in the process of making some of these changes or if you need more support, contact our Atlanta chiropractors for more information about the importance of posture. Contact our office today at (404) 889-8828.


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