Best Tips For A Healthy Holiday Party In Atlanta
Dec 7, 2015

Tips For A Healthy Holiday Party In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaFor those of you who currently maintain a healthy lifestyle, attending each and every holiday party, you’re invited to can seriously derail your regular routine.

Staying motivated to exercise and remain fit can be difficult when you’re ingesting high-calorie baked goods, alcoholic beverages, and sugary sweets on a regular basis.

Tip For Eating Healthy

While you might feel pressured to consume these seasonal delights at your friend’s house or the office party, planning your night ahead of time can help you avoid the temptation to overeat for the remainder of the holidays.

Consider the following recommendations our Atlanta Chiropractors have for how to enjoy the holidays without overindulging.

Get plenty of veggies into your system

Most parties offer a typical vegetable platter or two, so make sure to load up on your cherry tomatoes and celery sticks without pouring on an excessive amount of high-calorie dressing.

Filling your plate up with healthy vegetable helps cut out space for any fattening options that may also be available or within arms reach.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water throughout the party will help fill you up and prevent you from overeating. Try to drink a glass of water before you head for another plate of food. Doing so will give you a better idea of exactly how hungry you are.

Don’t consume too much alcohol

Alcoholic beverages contain high volumes of sugar and calories, and can also lower your self-control when it comes to snacking on baked goods.

If you do decide to drink, try to drink slowly and consume a glass of water in-between each beverage to avoid consuming an excessive amount of calories.

Eat something before you head out

Making yourself a light meal before you head out to your party will help you avoid continuously filling up your plate throughout the night.

Even eating something small, like a cup of yogurt or an apple, will help you make better choices over what you consume. As most of us are well aware, trying to scrutinize what we eat on an empty stomach does not typically to go over well.

Pick up a smaller plate

Studies show that your perception of appropriate portion size is directly correlated with the size of your plate. When you fill up a larger plate, your mind tells you that your portion is less than suitable. Because of this, you are likely to eat more than what’s necessary.

Conversely, if you select a smaller plate, you can fool your mind into believing that you’re eating more; satisfying your cravings sooner than later.

Don’t Go Near The Food

Fill up your plate once and then stay away from the food area for the remainder of the party. Keeping yourself within reach of the chips or cookies will increase your risk for overindulging on these unhealthy snacks.

If you know ahead of time that the majority of the food will consist of baked goods and fried finger foods, offer to bring a vegetable platter to help balance everything out.

You’ll look like a great guest by volunteering and will ensure that you have a healthy alternative to turning to.


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