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Creating Time For Fitness In The Office
Oct 16, 2019

Finding Time To Work Out At The Office | AICA AtlantaA typical American adult has many responsibilities, whether it be their career, family or other obligations, therefore making time for exercise can prove to be difficult.

Creating A Schedule That Works

Scheduling time early in the morning before work may work for a while, however, when things come up at night and keep you from getting a restful night sleep, waking early may not be as easy. Working out can increase your endorphins and help to relieve stress so making the time can ultimately increase productivity but how do you find the balance with all of your obligations and engage in exercise?

What The Data Says

  • One in three adults get the recommended amount of physical activity each week.
  • 28% of Americans aged 6 and older are physically inactive.

Studies have shown that the lack of exercise can have a direct impact on your productivity in the workplace.

  • 60% of employees said their time management skills, mental performance, and ability to meet deadlines improved on days they exercised.
  • 60% of employees said their work performance improved on days they exercised.
  • 27% of employees reported higher levels of “dealing calmly with stress” on days they exercised.
  • 27% of employees reported higher levels of “dealing calmly with stress” on days they exercised.
  • 41% of employees reported higher rates of “feeling motivated to work” on exercise days.
  • 41% of employees reported higher rates of “feeling motivated to work” on exercise days.

Exercise clearly plays a vital role in our overall success, beyond just health concerns. Some employers offer employee gyms or memberships or even yoga programs after work, but what if your workplace doesn’t fall among that small percentage? Sitting for long periods of time without moving can lead to serious health problems, so what can you do?

1. Seated Leg Raises

If you find yourself in a long meeting and need to get your body moving, you can do leg and abdominal exercises without anyone really noticing. Begin by sitting upright in your chair and straighten one leg so that it becomes parallel to the floor. Hold for 10 seconds. Switch, and begin the exercise with the other leg. Perform this exercise for 15 repetitions. When you become stronger with this exercise you can get creative and add weight to the leg by looping a briefcase or a purse around your leg while you are performing the exercise to create resistance.

2. The Hovering Leg Raise

Just like the seated leg raises, sit upright in your chair. But this time, raise both legs so that they are parallel to the floor. Slowly lower your legs until they are hovering an inch or two above the ground. Hold the position for as long as you can, and then release.

3. The Football Fast Feet

When sitting at your seat, place your feet flat on the ground. Begin by rapidly tapping your feet in place as if you were running in place. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds. Take a break and then begin another repetition for another 30 seconds. This exercise is a good way to increase the heart rate without having to break a sweat.

4. Chair Dips

When attempting a chair dip, use a stationary chair. Sit at the edge of the chair and place your legs in front of you. Hold onto the sides of the chair using your core and arm muscles and raise your body off the chair and lower the body down. Push yourself back up and then repeat 15 times. To get the most out of this exercise, implement 3 cycles of 15 repetitions a day.

5. Shadow Boxing

Not only will this exercise raises your heart rate and bring in some cardio, but it will also be a good stress release if you had a particularly frustrating day at the office. Raise your fists up in front of your face in a boxing position — while you’re sitting a safe distance away from your computer. Punch your fists forward in the air, as if you are using a punching bag, switching back and forth from right arm to left. Do this for 30 seconds. Pause. Repeat for 30 seconds. Again, like other cardio exercises, work this repetition into scheduled intervals in your workday.

6. Water Bottle Free Weights

Staying properly hydrated is another component for a healthier life so when you are packing your lunch be sure to include water bottles which can serve as a dual purpose. Use two filled water bottles and begin using the bottles as weights for arm curls as well as overhead presses. You can get a full gym experience right in your office.

7. The Swiveling Abs

This exercise will bring back some nostalgia from your childhood as you will need a desk chair that spins. Sit upright in your chair and lift your feet up off the ground. Gently hold onto the desk with your fingertips but make sure that your hands and arms are not doing all the work as this exercise is meant to work your core. Use your core muscles to swivel the chair from left to right and back again. Perform this exercise for 15 reps and then pause. Complete three cycles of this workout with a short break in between.

8. The Leaning Plank

If you are headed to the water cooler or for a quick walk to the printer, this is the perfect exercise for you. This exercise uses the plank format with the assistance of a wall. Stand at least one foot away from the wall and then lean forward against the wall with only your forearms for support. Hold yourself in this position as long as you can.

For a variant, get into the leaning position and lower yourself until your shoulders almost touch the wall, too, and push yourself back up. Repeat 15 times.

It is clear that exercise is a vital component for a healthy lifestyle, and trying to fit exercise into your busy life may seem challenging but with these workouts, you can get yourself on the right track. If you are looking for other ways to incorporate exercise into your life or would like to know what exercises are best to aid in relieving common aches and pains, contact our Atlanta chiropractors today at (404) 889-8828.