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Immune System Health, Spine Care | Nov 18, 2019

How A Healthy Spine Impacts The Immune System’s Performance

When the nervous system and immune system are working at their highest capacity, the body can heal itself through its resilient nature.

Health & Wellness | Nov 15, 2019

Wellness Explained

When trying to achieve total wellness, the body must be entirely physically, mentally, and socially active without any setbacks. Aside from a sound body and mind, there must be the desire to continue on a path of wellness to ensure your success. Our Atlanta chiropractors strive to improve the wellness of their patients and will […]

Accident Recovery, Accidents | Nov 13, 2019

Chiropractic Helps Treat Auto Injuries

If you have fallen victim to a car accident, you may experience a strain in your neck muscles. Damage to the neck muscles can result in whiplash which can cause mobility issues.

Health & Wellness | Nov 11, 2019

Combining Workout Styles for Greater Success

Remaining stagnant is not good for your success in life, or for your health. The problem for many Americans is that an office lifestyle forces you to be sedentary for long periods of time, and even though you may not be on your feet, your body still endures stress. So, how do you get moving […]

Health & Wellness | Nov 8, 2019

Yoga For Improved Hip Function and Pain Reduction

With the hips being the largest ball-and-socket joint and providing the body with the ability to move, it is no wonder that many people endure some type of hip pain in their life. Due to a great deal of movement the hips allow, wear and tear can cause a great deal of pain but you […]

Chiropractic | Nov 6, 2019

Did You Know…

A chiropractor is more than just a back doctor. Chiropractor’s realm of expertise is the spine, however, performing realignments of the spine can heal more than just a bad back or a kink in the neck.

Chriopractors, Physical Therapy | Nov 4, 2019

Choosing A Physical Therapist or A Chiropractor For Chronic Back Pain?

You have tried it all, but nothing seems to alleviate the tension you feel from sitting at your 9-5 job all day. You may also be trying to cope with pain in your lower back from lifting heavy materials or trying to recover from a slip and fall.

Health & Wellness | Oct 23, 2019

Seasonal Changes Influence Personal Health

With the change in seasons, people’s lives may change or be altered depending on where you live. Winter in New York is very different than that of a Georgia winter and personal health can fluctuate throughout the seasons.

The Truth About Sugar Coating | AICA Atlanta

Health & Wellness | Oct 21, 2019

The Truth About Sugar Coating

When people think of sugar they think of all the ways it sweetens up their world but what most do not know is that although sugar may be sweet, it can wreak havoc in our bodies.

Health & Wellness | Oct 18, 2019

Are My Core Muscles In Need of TLC?

When some think about core workouts they may think the only goal is to reach that image in their head of amazing abs but a strong core goes far beyond cosmetics. Having a strong core improves your muscles groups such as the pelvis, lower back, and hips. You utilize your core more often than you […]

Health & Wellness | Oct 16, 2019

Creating Time For Fitness In The Office

A typical American adult has many responsibilities, whether it be their career, family or other obligations, therefore making time for exercise can prove to be difficult.

Health & Wellness | Oct 14, 2019

Introducing Low-Impact Workouts Into Your Fitness Routine

Are you in need of a core workout that won’t be harsh on the rest of the body? A low impact workout does not mean you are taking the easy route but much rather a stronger focus on a target area that will stabilize and tone the core muscles.

Health & Wellness | Oct 11, 2019

How Breathing Practices Can Build Core Muscles

Do you find that your breathing is shallow? Don’t worry, studies have shown that most of us are. Although many of us may be shallow breathers, shallow breathing can greatly impact your respiratory muscles, create tension in the body, undermine your posture and compromise core stability. Luckily, there are many core-specific exercises and techniques that […]

Health & Wellness | Oct 9, 2019

Creating Bonds at Meal Time

With the fall season in full bloom, families are getting back into their routines of school, work, and the hustle and bustle of after school activities. As October grows closer, it is a nice reminder for those busy families to slow down a bit and remember that October is National Eat Better, Eat Together Month. […]

Health & Wellness | Oct 7, 2019

Burning Bright or Burning Out: When Is Busy Too Much

It almost seems like if you are not overwhelmed then you are not trying hard enough. Unfortunately, that’s a going trend in our society and we often assume those who aren’t running around must not be successful. Being overloaded and overworked is not the way to live or something in which we should strive for. […]

Health & Wellness | Oct 4, 2019

Getting Great Glutes: Building a Strong Spine From the Bottom Up

The spine plays a vital role in the rest of your body and relies on other muscle groups and structures for optimal function. Stabilizers such as the gluteal muscles provide the spine with muscle support and lower extremity function. If gluteal muscles are not working at their optimal function, the spine, as well as lower […]

Health & Wellness | Oct 2, 2019

Choosing To Be Happy On Colder Days

As the days of summer have come to an end, the crisp cool evenings of fall is finally upon us. Some may be sad to see summer go, as this can mean schedules and routines and saying so long to warm summer nights.

Sports Medicine | Sep 25, 2019

Sports and Chiropractic Care

When playing sports, the body is at risk for injury with your bones, ligaments, and tendons being a likely target for injury. Even with the greatest prevention tactics, some sports injuries cannot be prevented but chiropractic treatment can provide relief!

Cardiovascular Health | Sep 23, 2019

Chiropractic Care For Heart Health

When it comes to heart health, there’s bad news and there’s good news. The bad news? Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States taking the lives of about 1,600 people a day. According to the Center for Disease Control, around 400 people lose their lives every day due to stroke. […]

Back Pain | Sep 20, 2019

Seek Permanent Treatment For Lower Back Pain

Most people at some point in their life will experience some type of back pain severe enough to need medical treatment. Even though back pain is common, doctors are still unable in some cases to pinpoint exactly why it occurs. The baseline treatment for back pain is rest, exercise, stretching, heat and pain medicine but […]