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Why Staying Active Throughout The Winter Is The Right Choice
Dec 30, 2019

Why Staying Active Throughout The Winter Is The Right Choice | AICA AtlantaAs the winter months roll in, it is best to prepare and plan for ways to stay active as the temperature begins to drop. Winter occurs for ¼ of the year, and it is vital at that time to know how to keep active.

Some may love this time of year, and others may dread this season. However, it is inevitable, and preparing and planning is a large part of managing your health.

Where To Begin

Motivation is critical when exercising. Knowing why you are doing something can help to keep you on track and focused on your goals. Why are you doing this? What benefit will this have for myself, my body, and my mind? The clarity in your motivation leads to a higher level of success.

As winter grows closer, focus on your motivation to keep you on track. Even on those tough days, remain focused and remember your why.

When working out in the winter, your body will ultimately burn more calories due to the need to stabilize its temperature. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that benefit?

The heart must work harder when working out in colder temperatures. Your heart must work harder to pump and distribute blood throughout the body. Although the heart is pumping harder, this is bettering the heart function and making it stronger. So, in the future, when the heart must work harder, it will be better prepared to function at a higher level.

Even if the temperature is low, the sun still provides a natural form of vitamin D. When spending more time outdoors, the body is not only soaking in the sun but consuming a natural source of calcium, which is good for physical and mental health. Even 15 to 20 minutes of sunlight a day can improve your body and mind. Implement an exercise regime such as a walk or run to increase your source of vitamin D.


When the cold approaches, many retreats to indoor activities because they did not adequately prepare. Having the proper attire can mean all the difference! Layer up to stay warm and think about wearing clothing like polyester, wool, or spandex that is moisture-wicking.

When you start your exercise, your body should be a bit cold, but your body temperature will rise as you get moving. By starting chilly, you allow your body temperature to grow without needing to remove other layers. Look at that initial chill as one of the most significant mental components to overcome; by doing so, you’ve jumped an enormous hurdle.

Although the body may be cold starting out, it is essential to start with a warm-up to get your muscles warm before embarking on an exercise outside. Stretch before an exercise and then when completing a workout, so a slow cool down before entering back into warmer temperatures. Once you step inside, a few stretches inside is also an excellent way to avoid injuries. In this time, the body will begin to adjust its body temperature.

Let Us Know If You Have Questions

Don’t let the cold derail your exercise success. Work with it, plan for it, and embrace the change. Understand the benefits that the cold offers in your goals toward better health and improved body performance, and then prepare correctly. If you have questions or concerns about exercising in the cold, call our Atlanta chiropractors today at (404) 889-8828.